Asayesh e shamal carpet company

History of Asayesh e shamal carpet company

Javid Hashemi, one of the largest suppliers of carpets and rugs in Afghanistan, has been using the experience of several years of business in the northern provinces of Afghanistan with the motto of supporting domestic production and employment, with the construction and commissioning of a bitumen and bitumen production plant. With the name of Izu Golbam e Shamal in 2011, the field of employment of more than 70 people was provided directly and indirectly.

In 1394, the company started to establish a carpet production company called Qalyn e  Asayesh  e Shamal Company, which provided employment of more than 100 people directly and indirectly with an annual production capacity of 600,000 square meters of carpet per year in the ancient province of Balkh. .

As a result of its high quality, Carpet Company of Asayesh e Shamal has established its position in the market very soon and has more than 300 major customers in the northern provinces of Afghanistan (Balkh, Jawzjan, Saripul, Faryab, Takhar, Kunduz, Baghlan And Badakhshan), in an effort to reach markets throughout Afghanistan and then to seize the share in international markets.

Direct presence in the market and considering consumer tastes and opinions is one of the factors of the company’s success. The other factor in the success of North American comfort carpets is the loyalty, intimacy, and systematic work of the staff, with the good deal with the customers and suppliers of raw materials and all sides of the company’s business accounts.

Asayesh e Shamal with the help of the best quality raw materials, adheres to the quality and customer orientation of the product, and stands in this way
. For our opinion, the reputation and popularity of the brand of soft carpet in the north is due to customer orientation and standards. High quality as well as innovation in design and coloring.

Our commitment

Asayash e Shamal Co. is committed to

 The main goal is to provide  increased satisfaction of our customers by observing laws and values

An appropriate environment within the organization to achieve its goals.

By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization’s internal and external organization, it increases the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Decisions are based on collective work, expertise, facts, data analysis, and information.

Have a mutually beneficial relationship with their suppliers and will not hesitate to cooperate and assist them with any further interaction and benefit from the success of other companies.

In all of the above activities, Asayesh carpet Co. recognizes the importance of its brand name as a brand-enhanced brand in the market and emphasizes it.

قالین آسایش شمال حاصل یک عمر تجربه

The carpet of Asayesh e Shamal is the result of a lifetime of experience