Principle care and maintenance of carpet
carpets, as well as any other means, requires proper care and maintenance in order to prolong the life of the carpet  .
The following points can help you cherish the consumer in fulfilling this requirement.

Wash the carpet 
first. Wrap the carpet in a sloping area and thoroughly wet it. Then prepare a solution of carpet shampoos and lukewarm water and rinse all carpets with sponge. After finishing, wash the carpet with water so that the detergent is completely removed from the carpet. At the end, hang carpets for drying in the area or place them on a steep slope. Remove moisture and dry completely.
It is advisable to deliver the carpet to the carpet to be repaired.

Care and maintenance 

  1.  Do not place carpets in wet places. Because moisture in the long run causes your carpet to decay.
  2. Avoid placing carpets under direct sunlight.
  3. Avoid placing carpets near thermal and firewood sources.
  4. Even when you move the carpet, roll over it and then move it.
  5. Heavy furnishings such as sofas, desks and so on at different time periods to prevent localized compression in the carpet.
  6. Carpets are always exposed to kicking, rubbing, dirtying and …. So, at least once a week, clean the surface of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  7. If a patch is created on the carpet surface, immediately follow the instructions below to fix it.

Spray Methods 

  1. Remove any spots that can be removed by spoon.
  2. Make a solution of white vinegar, carpet shampoo and lukewarm water and pour in a spot.
  3. Clean and white cloths that have been impregnated with thinner or white alcohol. Rub the surface of the stain and rub.
  4. Make a solution of carpet shampoos and lukewarm water.
  5. Put a white and clean cloth dipped in a solution of carpet shampoo and lukewarm water on the spot.
  6. Rub the spot so that the stains are completely dissolved in the solution.
  7. Rub with a white and dry cloth to remove the stain completely to remove the stain and water from it.

Instructions for cleaning and washing 

Clean :
to clean carpets hand-held vacuum cleaner is recommended. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a very sharp rim and also a brush with a gear brush.

Sun :
Do not put carpet on a regular basis in order to intense sunlight. Use a thick curtain or shutter to avoid intense light.

Wear :
How often does the carpet get stretched and exposed to wear. If you have to place a piece of carpet under the doors, set the door so that it does not touch the carpet when it’s rotated.

Carpet Moving :
Carpets are sometimes driven by climbing on smooth carpets or stone and mosaics and ceramic floors. To prevent this, sponge liners or soft PVC can be used. These liners should be smaller than the dimensions of the carpet.

Cleaning the stains :
Rinse the shingles with ice. Carefully remove it from the carpet with a spatula.
Rip the candle with ice. Carefully remove it from the carpet with a spatula.
Mix and paste the ink of the usual ink (yogurt) with a little yogurt. Do this a couple of times to completely absorb the ink.
Clean juice, tea, milk, chocolate and coffee with warm water and soap or shampoo.
Sweet liquids (syrups, sweet tea, etc.) accelerate carpet caries. Be sure to remove the effect of these fluids quickly from carpets.
Use soap and white vinegar and neutral detergents to remove oil and fat and wax effects.
Blood and egg effects are cleared with salt solution, soap and white vinegar with semi-warm water.
Put the cast oil first with a spoon. Place a piece of white cloth on the contaminated solution and put it on a half warmed portion, the oil in the carpet will absorb white cloth.
To remove soot, especially on dark carpet, sprinkle with salt spray. Clean it after 1.5 hours with a vacuum cleaner.

Wash the carpet : It is
recommended to rinse the carpet to rigorous carpet companies. Dirt will be removed from the carpet before washing. Use a shampoo for the carpet.

Drying the carpet:
Spread the carpet on special scaffolds, in light sunlight, so that the air is completely flowing around it.
Avoid hanging out on the grass or using light and burning sunlight to dry the carpet.
The use of direct heating of heat devices such as heaters, fireplaces,

قالین آسایش شمال حاصل یک عمر تجربه

The carpet of Asayesh e Shamal is the result of a lifetime of experience